Mary Sharp Johnson is a Dallas-based photographer who delights in caring for her clients through her work. To find out more, read on or contact her.



ary's approach is one of ministry; her desire is that her clients not only feel cared for, but are able to see their own beauty through her work. She considers every opportunity an honor, and hopes her work can help contribute to telling their individual stories.


1 Under what circumstances is rescheduling appropriate, and how does that work into your schedule?
Someone may become sick, the weather may not be agreeable, or you may have a family emergency. These things happen, and if you need to reschedule, you can trust me to be reasonable. If you feel you have a legitimate reason for rescheduling, we'll get together via phone or email and find a new time that works for you.
2 When is the best time to photograph our baby?
In my opinion, newborn photos are best taken within the first two weeks of your baby's arrival. If you want his or her eyes open in the photos, you may opt to wait a bit longer. Most importantly, do what feels most right for you and your family during this exciting time!
3 Where will the session take place?
The answer largely depends on what type of session we have scheduled. Sometimes it may be in your home, while others may be in an agreed upon location, like your favorite park or a particularly inspirational outdoor locale. We can brainstorm ideas together.
4 What if I haven't had time to clean up my house since the birth?
Relax and enjoy your baby! Don't fret over the cleanliness of your home. You just had a child, and I can work around your home's tidiness. However, I may ask for a tour of your home to help find the most ideal space for photographing your baby. We can always rearrange for a particular shot and return things afterwards.
5 How much does a session typically cost?
Contact me for more detailed pricing information.
6 Do you shoot weddings?
Sorry, but I am not a wedding photographer.